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Queen Of F***ing Everything

No, I didn’t write out the whole “f-bomb” in the headline.

But it’s there — uncensored — right on Main Street. Just check out the checkout counter at Brandy Melville.

Which prompted one irate mother to write “06880”:

As I walked through downtown yesterday on a glorious afternoon with my 11-year- old daughter, we talked about how nice the new sidewalk will be. It’s great to see.

But the afternoon was dampened for me when we stopped briefly at a popular clothing store. I was really bothered by the pile of stickers that Brandy Melville gives out.

I guess this national retailer considers it to be a “fashion-cool” statement. Yes, I get the message, but I don’t think it has any place in a store catering to elementary, middle school and high school-age girls.

As we strive to clean up our sidewalks and make our downtown shine, we should also strive to “clean up” the stores that peddle their wares to our kids.

Maybe a solution is to gets kids (through the support of their parents) to stop shopping at Brandy M until they clean up their act. The town and Downtown Merchants Association should take a stand.

What do you think? Is it a harmless marketing tool? Or very offensive? Is a boycott the right idea? Should the town and DMA get involved, or is it none of their business?

Click “Comments” below. We want your f***king opinion.

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