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Greet Spring — Get Geiger’s Greenhouse!

Geiger’s is gone.

Soon, it will be replaced by 12 residential rental units — 2 of them classified as “affordable” — plus a business and bank. The barn will be disassembled, with the components hopefully used inside the retail structures.

Which leaves the greenhouse. It’s yours for the taking.

A side view of the greenhouse…

Approximately 22 feet long and 12 feet wide, it’s attached to the main building. That means it lacks one side.

It sits on a stone foundation. It looks like the metal frame could be taken apart (unscrewed), and reassembled fairly easily.

Who wants it? A school, perhaps? Or a business that promotes gardening or fresh food?

Whoever claims it must act fast. After the barn is taken apart next week, the main building goes next.

Cathy Talmadge is happy to help in any way she can — including with disassembling. If you’re interested — or want more information — email

…and the door. (Photos/Cathy Talmadge)

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