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Y Not?

What’s up with this very ordinary photo?

It’s part of the Westport Y’s parking lot, off Wilton Road. It shows a small number of the many cars that are no longer jockeying for a spot downtown.

I went to the new Y today, for the first time. I liked the spacious, airy fitness center.

I did not like the very cramped locker room. (I was a member of the Men’s Health Center at the old Y. I miss the gym clothes and towels, too.)

And I wonder why so many able-bodied people take the elevator instead of the stairs. It’s a health and wellness facility, people.

Meanwhile, here’s what the Y’s Bedford building looks like today. With the trees (and ivy) removed, you can see a pair of gargoyles that were hidden for years.

That view won’t last, I’m sure. Get ready for big changes downtown.

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