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Celebrating Westport’s Tunnel Vision

Finally, Westporters have a reason to head toward — rather than flee from — the downtown pedestrian tunnel.

For decades, the walkway between Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza has been as scary as the underpass in A Clockwork Orange.

Today — thanks to Miggs Burroughs’ creative eye, and the magic of lenticular photography — the passage is positively art gallery-like.

16 photos — each 32 inches square — depict Westporters “connecting” with each other. (Like a tunnel connects 2 sides — clever, huh?)

But these are no ordinary images. Gazing at a certain angle, you see one thing; take a step in either direction, and it’s a different photo entirely.

Miggs has picked his models — and photographed their images — with great care. For example, here are the 2 images of Holocaust survivor Anita Schorr, and a friend’s 8-year-old granddaughter:

These shots are of Cathy Onyemelukwe, and her husband Clem:

And here’s Oscar’s owner Lee Papageorge, and his wife. (Miggs calls this one “Super Nova.”)

The project took a year to complete. It’s sponsored by the Westport Downtown Merchants Association and the tunnel’s landlord (who knew?), Win Properties.

Information about all 16 photos is available at — and via a QR code at the Main Street end of the tunnel.

You’ll learn that one of the photos is of the artist himself, and his girlfriend Liz Beeby. Here he is:

The tunnel was unveiled a few minutes ago. It’s all part of the WDMA’s “Art About Town” festival, in full swing now through 8:30 p.m. tonight (Thursday).

Main Street is closed to traffic for the event. So park in Parker Harding, and walk through the tunnel. The destination will be as fun as the journey.


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