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Maybe Not Rain Or Sleet. But Snow. Definitely Snow.

An alert — and increasingly perturbed — “06880” reader says that on the 1st day after last week’s 1st big snowstorm, the snowplows buried her mailbox, on a road off Sturges Highway.

She understands why the mail was not delivered that day.

The next day, her son shoveled out her mailbox, and her neighbors’. It was his birthday, and he expected a few cards. (With, perhaps, a check or two…?)

But the mailman never came.

He didn’t come the next day.

Or the day after that.

In fact, he hasn’t been seen since early last week.

A mailbox about to be buried in snow, somewhere in the Northeast.

A family member gets important medicine by mail. This woman wonders if her mailman even considers that the mailbox was shoveled out long ago.

Yesterday was a federal holiday. She hopes that today — for the 1st time in a week — her mail will show up.

“I know one thing for sure,” she says. “I’m not even going to try to get it at the post office in Playhouse Square!”

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