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White Lights, Blue Christmas

Not to get all Grinchy here — especially after Jose Feliciano’s beautiful guitar playing post this morning — but alert “06880” reader David Meth is not exactly in the holiday spirit.

He writes:

What has happened to Westport? A cold, colorless Main Street, and the chill of a blue tree in front of Town Hall that is uninviting in the yellow shadow of a street light.

At least Millman and Aarons added colorful flickering lights to their tree, diverting attention from the awful skeletons of white lighting on the little green across from Town Hall.

But Main Street did have white lightning bolts zigzagging from the tops of poles. Is it any wonder why Main Street has been dying a slow death and the town is like a graveyard at night?

No imagination. No color. No spirit.

No trees, but zigzagging lights.

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