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Lynsey Addario’s “Proof”

Lynsey Addario — the MacArthur “Genius Grant”-winning/world famous photographer/Staples graduate — is one of the 1st people to get “Proof.”

“Proof” is National Geographic’s new online photography experience. Its aim is to start intriguing conversations about photography, art and journalism. It features selections from the magazine and other publications, books, and galleries, plus behind-the-scenes looks at the National Geographic storytelling process.

Lynsey Addario

In a compelling video interview, Lynsey talks about what it is like to take photos during war, as “the life drains out” of someone.

“It’s easy to live in your own world or shell, and be very comfortable” she says. “I like to make people feel uncomfortable every so often, and realize what they have.”

She describes 20-hour days, “coming back 10 times to get the right frame.”

She’s “alone a lot,” she says, “doing stuff you don’t want to do.”

But, she knows, “I have a voice.” She speaks for others.

And, she concludes, “I can do this for the rest of my life.”

(For the full “Proof” video interview, click here.)

It’s very rare that a Westerner can photograph an Afghan wedding. Lynsey Addario had that opportunity. (Photo/Lynsey Addario for National Geographic)

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