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You Know You’re From Westport If…

Facebook pages usually have the shelf life of a Kim Kardashian marriage.

But for weeks, “You Know You’re From Westport, CT … If…” has roared along, gathering comments and steam.

Long-gone stores, dimly remembered teachers, beloved events — they’re all mentioned (and oohed and aahed over). It’s a random potpourri of long-ago Westport memories — I sure as hell wasn’t around in World War II — and those that are long-ago only if you’re still in your 20s.

In no order whatsoever, here are some recollections of people from Westport:

Coach Ed Hall

The old Victorian house on Gorham Island. It’s been replced by an office building.

The “troll bridge.” There are warnings: “Beware of Trolls.”

The rocks at Compo were no fun. But the floats offshore were.

You get the idea. If you lived in Westport then, you’re probably OD’ing on nostalgia.

If you didn’t, you may wish you did.

Click “Comments” to add your own “You Know You’re From Westport If…” memories. There must be millions.

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