It’s A Dog’s Life

I’m not a dog person — they’re not allowed in our condos, even though they regularly romp across our property from neighboring Winslow Park — but I found the following info fascinating.

It comes courtesy of alert “06880” reader Audrey Hertzel.

The birthday girl

Every year she holds a fundraising birthday party for her now 12-year-old English setter, Daisy Mae. This year 30 people attended. They fetched $1,600 over to the Connecticut Humane Society.

But did you know that famed cowboy actor William Hart — a Westporter — gave a donation to start the Humane Society 60 years ago?

Or that a cancer rider is a good investment for pet insurance?

Daisy Mae was diagnosed with a slow-growing, incurable tumor in her hind leg in June. She completed 4 rounds of radiation successfully, and started chemo this week.

Fortunately, Audrey has a cancer rider for her 4 pets. Daisy Mae’s treatment has cost over $8,000, but reimbursement has covered nearly 2/3.

On the other hand, the value of a beloved pet is priceless.

On the 3rd hand, not in my condo.

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