Selling Drugs — And Giving Away Kindness

Today’s awesome customer service story comes courtesy of alert “06880” reader Jo Shields.

Recently, her 95-year-old friend Alden Sherman had vascular surgery. He’d already picked up 2 pairs of the necessary compression stockings, and was about to pull them on.

Then he saw a note from the surgeon. He’d bought a compression rating far too high. It was 8 p.m. — on a Friday.

Very worried, he called Jo. Could she ask Colonial Druggists for the right ones?

She called, not expecting much.

The ever-smiling, always-helpful Russ Levine.

“Wonder of wonders, that beacon of helpful kindness, Russ Levine, picked up the phone,” Jo says.

Yes, he said — come on down. I’ll help.

It took a while for Jo to explain exactly which parts of his leg Alden needed to measure. Russ was unconcerned. He gave Jo all the sizes, and said, “just bring back what doesn’t fit.”

Stunned by his generosity, Jo chatted awhile. Russ talked about raising his family in Weston (most of his kids and grandchildren still live there). He told Jo that he planned to go sailing the next day — Saturday — and said she’d caught him catching up on paperwork after hours.

So the next day, when Jo returned with the unneeded compression stockings, she was surprised to see Russ in the parking lot. What about the sailing?

“Well, the weather wasn’t that great,” he replied, smiling. Besides, he added,
“there’s always work to do.”

Jo could not thank Russ enough.

Thousands of equally grateful customers — over many years — no doubt have their own Russ Levine-and-Colonial Druggists stories too. Click “Comments” to share yours.

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