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Paint It Black

Don’t be surprised if one day soon the old post office turns from white to black.

Or — depending on who’s talking — “brown,” “a dark shade,” or “a bit purply.”

The WPA-era building in the heart of downtown has stood vacant since December 2011. In the 18 months since, work has proceeded slowly — v-e-r-y slowly — on a new restaurant that will occupy both the main floor and lower level (banquet room).

Little seems to have been done, except for the removal of historical windows early in the renovation. (“Oops” was pretty much the non-apology for that move.)

Recently though, when the Atlanta-based owners of the white concrete and red brick building planned to paint it a dark color, they were asked to approach the Architectural Review Board for comment and direction.

Their attorney told them they did not have to do that.

Besides, he said, we’re not painting it — our tenant (the restaurant) is.

Also besides, it might not be painted. Maybe stained.

The lawyer is right.

Legally, that is.

In terms of being good neighbors, though — well, that should be the 1st item on any owner’s menu.

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