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Swanky Frank’s Serves Last Dog

An alert “06880” reader writes:

I was in Swanky Frank’s last Thursday. At 2:30 an older man came in. He shut off the air-conditioning, and turned off the lights.  He said he was the owner, and was closing for good.

Needing verification (and lunch), I headed to the longtime hot doggery (for many years before that, Dairy Queen; for a brief while, Woodie’s).

It’s true. There on the door — hard to see, hidden between the come-on for fresh chopped salad, credit card info and other notices — was a hand-scrawled “Closed” sign:

Comments on Yelp were evenly divided between “great chili dogs and tuna melts” and “overpriced, meh.”

Some people loved the ’50s diner decor. Others wanted cute girls serving food on rollerskates.

You can’t please everyone.

Clearly, Swanky Frank’s did not.

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