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The Jeff Shoup Walk: The Sequel

Last week, an alert reader emailed me about the Jeff Shoup Nature Path.

Two days ago “06880” ran a short story about the disrepair of the path near the Riverwalk and Levitt Pavilion, by the Saugatuck River.

Within minutes, John Karrel volunteered to organize a clean-up. Prill Boyle and Clark Ruff soon signed up to help.

Prill Boyle and Clark Ruff, at the Jeff Shoup Nature Path. (Photo by John Karrel)

This afternoon they brought shovels, rakes and themselves. Within an hour and a half, they’d worked magic — not only on the path, but nearby surroundings too.

“It’s not ready for a House & Garden shoot,” John says. “But it’ll do, at least until the Levitt rebuilding efforts begin in a few weeks.”

He’s way too modest. He, Prill and Clark — none of whom knew each other before today — worked fast.

They worked hard and well.

Most importantly, they worked for Jeff Shoup — and for Westport.

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