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Kindness Is Kontagious

To reading, writing and arithmetic, add one more task for 3rd graders: kindness.

Beginning today — and continuing through February 18 — students in all 5 Westport elementary schools are off on a “Kool To Be Kind Scavenger Hunt.” The 2nd annual event — run in conjunction with Staples High School mentors — involves booklets, with clues to 50 local businesses.

One of the posters, advocating kindness “Ally Power.”

Over 600 youngsters will solve the clues, locate participating stores, and find posters (which the kids themselves helped decorate). Meanwhile, they’ll learn about each business’s own acts of kindness.

Turns out that the 50-plus merchants who participate in the Kool To Be Kind program are very kind — and cool kool — themselves.

For example:

Top This is one of many Westport business displaying a Kool To Be Kind “Ally Power” poster.

Kool To Be Kind organizers say, “It is heartwarming to know that we live in a town where each and every place of business is truly doing something kind for our community. In a world that often seems dark, and just when it seems that people are only in it for themselves, the children of Westport are finding a lot of light and generosity.”

Thanks not only to the kindness of local merchants, but to the adults and older teenagers of Kool To Be Kind, too.

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