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If A Tree Falls…

A good friend and native Westporter — who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous — writes:

A tree on my property falls on yours.

Who is legally and morally responsible for the cleanup and costs of removal, property damage if any,  etc.? I realize there might be 2 different answers.

I am sure it happened a lot early Thursday morning, and many in the area are trying to figure it out.

Mark Mathias’ tree landed on his own lawn Thursday morning. But what if his tree fell on his neighbor’s property? Or vice versa?

A neighbor’s 35-foot evergreen fell on our property. It missed our house. But the neighbor refused to pay for the cost of removal of any tree “stuff” on our property, as their insurance company  says falling trees are an act of God. (What if I am an aethiest?)  What does an insurance policy have to do with what is the right thing to do?

Our neighbor’s tree service cut the trunk to the point where it crossed over the property line, and no further.

We paid $400 to remove it from our property. This is less about the money, but about the principle.

And what does all this say for neighborly relations?

Good questions, all. Readers, hit “Comments” to reply. Please, keep the discussion civil and sane.

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