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Westport Vs. Weston: Which Schools To Choose?

A woman emailed me yesterday. She and her husband grew up in Fairfield County; they now live in Westchester. They want to “come home” to Connecticut — but are torn between Westport and Weston. She says:

I understand the difference between the towns and properties themselves – what I am really interested in (obsessed with?) is the differences between the schools.

My impression is that Weston is more traditional, maybe has fewer course course offerings, but a smaller, more personal experience?

I know both systems are “excellent.” I’m looking, if possible, specifically where there is less pressure (if anywhere) on the kids, and where there is less teaching to the test and true creativity allowed on the parts of the teachers. Any other thoughts are welcome too.

So there you have it, “06880” (and 06883). Click “Comments” to respond. Please address the questions asked — no tangents this time. Please cite specific examples, if possible. And play fair — no ad hominem attacks.

Weston’s Hurlbutt Elementary School (left); Westport’s Green’s Farms El.

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