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Hard-Hit Westport Helps Even Worse-Off New Jersey And Staten Island

Last night, longtime Westporter Tom Hofstetter got to thinking.

He’d received an “all hands” notice from his yacht club, asking for people to clean up after Hurricane Sandy.

He was happy to pitch in. Gut he and his family figured there might be an even more meaningful way to contribute to relief efforts.

Looking out their Bridge Street window — at the corner of Imperial Avenue — they had an “aha!” moment.

They rented a truck for a week. Every day, they’ll collect supplies.

Every night, they’ll take them to relief shelters in New Jersey and Staten Island.

Tom Hofstetter and his big, hopefully supplies-filled truck.. (Photo by Heidi McGee)

Supplies can be dropped off every time — at the corner of Bridge Street and Imperial  Avenue —  from 9 a.m. to 8:59 p.m. At 9 sharp, the truck leaves. The 1st run is tonight.

Tom said that anything helps, but there were special requests for large black garbage bags and heavy work gloves. Other items needed:

Westport’s in pretty bad shape. Other areas are even worse.

They don’t have much. But at least they — and we — have Tom Hofstetter.

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