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Compo Beach Opening: Too Soon?

Town officials plan to open Compo Beach soon to non-residents. The idea is that Westporters need a place to walk, relax and de-stress. The beach, traditionally, is the place to do just that.

So far, police and other officials have done a great job down there. They’ve kept disruptions to a minimum, protected unoccupied homes, and even chased away oblivious trick-or-treaters last night.

But manpower is stretched thin. When the beach is opened, residents worry about the impact.

One Compo Beach resident says:

I believe the beach is still not a place for the public. Our streets are strewn with debris and filth of unknown origin.

There is no power, making the recovery and clean up process impossible for residents.

Darkness comes early and is total without street lights.

I appreciate that the town feels it needs to provide access to the beach. But I personally believe its not an area appropriate for the public in its present disaster state.

There’s lots of cleanup activity going on at Compo Beach. Some area residents hope the town does not open the area to the public too soon.

Another resident is less discreet:

Compo is a disaster area. Residents, repair trucks, gawkers…we got more vehicles than Auto World down here.

And the first selectman wants to open the beach? For what? For who? Dog poopers from neighboring towns? Looters?

There are strangers walking the streets, putting repair offers and business cards in mailboxes on front doors. Photographers or cell phone photo ops are stopping their cars, blocking traffic, getting out, taking a few shots, then casually driving off slowly on what has become one lane traffic due to double parking.

A roving police car or Harley motorcycle would be nice. Residents only.

And power to enable electric clean-up equipment would be terrific.

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