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We Probably Shouldn’t Have To Say It, But…

…if you take your kids trick-or-treating tonight, do not go down to Westport’s favorite neighborhood: Compo Beach.

In recent years, Westporters discovered that with beach homes packed so densely, the candy-per-minute ratio is exceptionally high. Residents of the area have taken the hit with good grace, generously handing out goodies to trick-or-treaters chauffeured in by parents.

This year, however, beach residents were flooded by more than ghosts and princesses from the 1- and 2-acre zoning hinterlands. Compo homeowners are dealing with an actual flood. With water — and sand — filling their yards and homes, they’re just not able to host every kid in town.

This is an actual kayaker — not a trick-or-treater pretending to be one — on Danbury Avenue yesterday. Note too that the road is covered with water. (Photo/@stephenwilkes)

So here’s an idea: Trick or treat in your own neighborhood. Just like the old days.

But watch out for wires, tree limbs and anything else Hurricane Sandy threw at us.

And if the lights are off, don’t assume people are avoiding you. Don’t “trick” them with toilet paper or eggs.

They just don’t have a generator.

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