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Larry Perlstein Looks To Make A Difference

Longtime Westporter Larry Perlstein wrote today’s “06880” post.

As he explains below, he’s not doing this only for work. He hopes to shine a light on a side of Westport that’s seldom talked about.

And he’s happy to help others facing similar situations.

Needed:  Challenging, engaging role for experienced technologist/marketer with diverse background (aka “generalist”)


Hello, my name is Larry and I’m a 54-year-old white male who has been unemployed for nearly 15 months since being laid off from my last position.

Larry Perlstein

My personal situation is likely a bit different from most people my age who are looking towards retirement and have children heading off to college. My wife and I have an amazing 4 ½-year-old daughter (our only child).

I’ve had a great career thus far, and worked for some well-respected companies. Most recently 15 years for Gartner, based in Stamford – the largest information technology advisory and research firm in the world. Previously I held a variety of roles at IBM, GE and PepsiCo in Connecticut, New York and California.

My background is primarily software technology (that is, all the things that programmers and application users care about) – a constantly changing field that requires regular reinvention, with a bunch of marketing mixed in. I’ve held roles that run from programmer to business analyst, marketing program manager, industry research analyst, vice president and research team manager to, most recently, group vice president and ombudsman (think New York Times public editor).

I am a Staples grad (1975). I have an undergraduate degree in marketing and an MBA in information systems, both from Pace University. We are not wealthy by Westport standards, but we’re not complaining either.

Simply, I’m looking for a role that takes advantage of my skills/talents sweet spot: I’m great at taking a chaotic, stressful situation and driving it towards a successful result. It could be a project gone awry, extreme interpersonal relationships interfering with business processes, difficult technology strategy and evaluation decisions, dissatisfied customers, or even litigious business partners.

Larry Perlstein (left) and his co-chair at the Pace University Seidenberg School for Computer Science and Information Systems Leadership and Service in Technology Award reception. It raised over $125,000 for scholarships.

Sure, you can call me a project manager, client partner executive, program manager or service delivery executive, but these titles are one-dimensional and don’t express my full range of talents. It’s sometimes easier to express what I am not: a slap-on-the-back salesperson (I’m a long term relationship builder), a uni-tasker (I do my best work when managing multiple activities), simply a manager or an individual contributor (I’ve been both), or out of touch (I’ve spent the past 15 months consulting on social media and marketing communications issues, working with non-profits pro bono, and writing freelance industry research).

I can make a difference … and I hope to do so at a company where I’m treated with respect, challenged by their business, and passionate about their purpose and culture. For full CV details see my LinkedIn profile:

If you know of a role (or even simply a problem) in your company that might be served by my skill set, or if you have a friend who might know of something, please contact me (

And if you’re one of the many others in town also looking for their next gig, stay positive and let me know so I can make my network available to you.

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