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Jedd Gold Rescues Parents Everywhere

Another school year.

Another 500 pieces of your kid’s “artwork” to hang on the refrigerator. And don’t  even think of throwing one piece of it away, unless you enjoy tears and tantrums.

Unless, that is, you download Artkive.

The app — now in the iTunes store, and available soon for all Android phones — is the brainchild of Jedd Gold.

Jedd Gold

A 1993 Staples grad (UMichigan BA, UCLA MBA), he had a long career in marketing. He moved from Pepsi and Variety Magazine to interactive games, then built training initiatives for pharmaceuticals and the military.

A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Jedd always loved solving problems. And, as the father of 6- and 3-year-olds, he knew there is no more pressing problem than what to do with your kids’ prolific paintings and drawings. They appear with bright-colored, squiggly regularity. Your child is as proud of them as he was of his first poop.

Thanks to Jedd, there’s an app for that. (The artwork, not the other crap.)

Every time your little Rembrandt brings home a new masterpiece, just open the app and shoot it (as in, take a photo). It’s automatically tagged with your kid’s grade, and the date created.

It actually looks like something you’d see in a gallery. (I’ll resist the urge to compare it to some of the stuff I’ve seen in galleries…)

You can share it with others (I’m guessing this is limited to Gram Carolyn and Pop-Pop), or just “Artkive” it.

But wait! There’s more!

If you’d like, you can turn one (or all!) of the artwork into a book. Or print it out on a t-shirt, coffee mug, calendar or other item.

I’m not sure if you can turn it into a refrigerator magnet. That would be pretty meta.

Jedd — who believes his own youthful artwork is still somewhere in his mother’s Westport basement or attic — now lives in Southern California. But he, his wife and daughters were back in town this month.

“I loved growing up here,” Jedd says. “It’s an incredible place. I didn’t have that perspective until I left.

“But I was fortunate to have amazing teachers, be well educated, and grow up with a strong work ethic.”

With Artkive up and running, Jedd’s turning his attention to his next project. It’s Artisan Kitchen — a “virtual farmers’ market” that helps food lovers discover and purchase the best high-quality, small-batch food from around the country.

Between Artkive and Artisan Kitchen, Jedd Gold’s got the refrigerator covered. Inside and out.

(For the official Artkive YouTube video, click below)

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