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House Of Morgan: The Sequel

Yesterday’s photo of Main Street’s long-forgotten House of Morgan spurred alert “06880” reader Gary Singer to send one of his own.

It’s taken from almost the same angle as the one Bill Scheffler sent. However, Gary says, this one —

— was taken a decade earlier.  He guesses it’s the late 1930s or early ’40s.

In Gary’s photo, Brightwood Market is where both Kiddie Lane  and House of Morgan eventually settled.

Meanwhile, alert “06880” reader R. Hammond logged onto, and found 2 city directories.

He says the House of Morgan appears in 1950 as a gift shop at 13 Main Street. It’s owned by Carl L. and Florence E. Morgan. Seven years later it was still listed as a gift shop. Elsie Zabelle was the 1957 owner.

The 1950s era photo, showing the “House of Morgan” (center).

Alert “06880” reader Jack Whittle added more info:

Westport’s town clerk online info shows a trade name for “House of Morgan” filed on 9-27-51 by Carl and Florence Morgan, and a subsequent filing for the same trade name by Mary Lucas Crawford on 3-31-54. Carl and Florence Morgan look to have bought some some property on Wright Street in 1944. (I also see that Carl Morgan’s death certificate was filed on 6-5-53, and it looks like he died in Massachusetts on 10-5-52).

As for date of photo, I am guessing early ’50s. Welch’s Hardware was incorporated in 1946; the House of Morgan info, and that woody wagon parked in front looks late ’40s, and the Kiddie Lane trade name was filed in 1949.

Checking R. Hammond’s city directory info, I noticed that Morgan was not the only “House of…” in Westport. There was also a “House of Byse” listed on State Street East (now called Post Road East).

It was on the ground floor of the office building just east of where Great Cakes and the gas station are today. I vaguely remember it from my youth, though I always thought it was the “House of Buys.” (Apparently it was cleverly named for its owner, Abraham B. Beiser.)

Well, that’s at least 2 Westport “houses” that were not torn down and replaced by mansions.

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