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A Bridge Too Near

Westporters might have read recent “06880” posts about the possible reconstruction of the Route 57 bridge near Cobb’s Mill, and not cared. It won’t happen for several years. Besides, it’s Weston.

Well, this news strikes closer to home.

There’s a good possibility the North Avenue bridge over the Merritt Parkway will also need work. Patching, waterproofing, possible full deck repair — all are on tap for the 72-year-old art deco span.

The North Avenue Merritt Parkway bridge.

Because it’s not over water, there are fewer environmental issues — so it will probably come up for work sooner than Route 57.

North Avenue is a major Westport thoroughfare, carrying 2300 vehicles a day. More importantly, it’s an important accessway to 4 schools: Staples, 2 middle schools and Coleytown El.

Construction could take 8 months. Detours would last for 4 of them.

Westporters will have to find another way to get to school.

And Cobb’s Mill.

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