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Thank You, Westport PD

Today’s announcement of the arrest of the alleged killer of Kuti Zeevi culminates several weeks of hard work by many law enforcement agencies, in the US and abroad.

All deserve thanks from grateful Westporters.

But one organization rates an extra-special thank-you: our very own Westport Police Department.

The detectives — and many other members of the force — worked countless hours on this case. They threw themselves into it the moment the shooting occurred. They kept at it, straight through for over a month.

They did it with a relatively new chief, and several other newly promoted leaders. They did it while several other big events demanded their attention. And they did it during the always-stressful Christmas and New Year’s season.

It’s easy to complain about anything and everything. In Westport, pointing fingers is almost an official sport.

But today is a day for all of us, together, to give a full-throated, heartfelt “thank you” to every man and woman serving us every day, on our superb, thorough, and very professional Westport Police Department.

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