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The Custodian’s Secret Life

I’m not a regular reader of Cleaning and Maintenance Management — either the print or online edition.

Somehow, though, its editors found — and linked to — an article from Inklings, Staples’ award-winning newspaper.

An alert “06880” reader sent it along to me.

Staples head custodian Horace Lewis. (Photo courtesy Inklings/Nick Siegel)

The story — “The Custodian’s Secret Life” — details the many behind-the-scenes jobs performed by Staples’ maintenance staff.

Sure, they clean.  But they also handle small repairs, act as security guards, even organize recycling.

Horace Lewis — the head custodian — is quoted:  “The best part about the job is taking care of you students and the school, making sure you guys are safe during the day.”

I’m not sure how or why a story in a high school paper caught the eye of an industry’s national newsletter.  Maybe it’s because high school students tend to overlook the very important role custodians play.

Whatever the reason, it once again proves “06880”‘s tagline — “Where Westport meets the world” — true.  If there’s a story here, chances are there’s a national hook.

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