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Mobil Makeover

While we often think of Westport businesses as either “mom-and-pop” or “big huge chains,”  the dichotomy is often far less stark.

Take the self-serve gas station next to Barnes & Noble, for example.

I always thought it was “Mobil.”

The other day though, it looked spiffier than usual.  There wasn’t the usual mess outside; indoors, the counter was clean.

Turns out Mobil — the international conglomerate — has taken over the station, from its independent owners.

The changes are more than cosmetic.  According to the manager, gas prices have dropped over 30 cents.

And, he promises, the station won’t run out of fuel, as it often did in the past.

Far be it from me to get all gushy over an international gas conglomerate.

On the other hand, I’m likin’ those prices…

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