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The Spookiest Spot In Westport: The Sequel

More than 2 years ago, I wrote a blog post about “the spookiest spot in Westport.”

It was the Masonic Hall — the 3-story beige building located on the Post Road, just across Imperial Avenue from State Cleaners.

Or, to put it another way:  The “temple lodge” located right above a funeral parlor, which seemed not to have changed since the Masons moved there in 1902.

Westport's Masonic Lodge, pre-painting...

Now, however, it’s time to revisit that story.  And not just because Halloween is around the corner!

No, there’s an actual news peg here:

Anthony Foote, “Worshipful Master” of Temple Lodge 65 sent me a note.  (By email, not telegraph.)

He wrote:

This Saturday (October 15, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.), Temple Lodge 65 will open its doors to the public for our open day.

We recently re-painted the exterior of the building, restoring it to its original glory.  Supporting us on Saturday will be our local Boy Scout Troop 39, that we donated $1,600 to for their scout trailer, and the Westport EMS emergency cycle team that we also donated a sum of $3,000 to.

This year Temple Lodge is celebrating its 187th year, which is quite an achievement  in today’s day and age.  Founded in the year 1824, it is the oldest organization in the Town of Westport, even pre-dating the charter of Westport by 11 years.  During this vast expanse of time, members of Temple Lodge have played a role in the leadership of the town and its many community services.

1949 marked an important milestone in our history.  In that year we purchased the building from the estate of Worshipful Brother Charles Fable and it became the permanent home of Temple Lodge.

On September 12, 1953, the cornerstone of the new Westport Police-Court Building was laid with the First Selectman and Brother W. Clarke Crossman using the silver trowel donated by Wor. Brother Frank N. Bellizzi – who was to build the building.  The trowel suitably engraved, is now preserved in our archives.

Please come along and find out about Masonry and your local Masonic Lodge.

Coffee and snacks will be provided.

I can’t make it, unfortunately.  I’m sorry I’ll miss what sounds like a very intriguing event.

Especially that engraved, archived trowel.

...and today.

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