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Doggin’ It

As anyone everyone who was down at the beach this past weekend can attest, the scene was straight out of midsummer.

That’s what 85-degree weather, brilliant sunshine and a holiday will do.

Only one things was different:  dogs.

An alert “06880” reader emailed to say how delightful the scene was — except for so many Spots, Fidos and Rovers “peeing and pooping” (to use the technical terms).

Another equally alert reader wrote:

After a glorious weekend, I wonder if you can provide some background as to how October 1 became the “let everyone enjoy Compo — no permits necessary” date.

While I’m all for letting everyone enjoy our gorgeous beach, why doesn’t the town doesn’t follow Greenwich and have a November 1 date so that we locals can enjoy the beach with our Westport neighbors a little longer…  especially on magical weekends like we just had.

Dogs could still come as of Oct 1 — but only Westport resident dogs!

I’m guessing that the October 1 date for all dogs was selected semi-arbitrarily, and semi-because no one expects huge crowds during leaf-peeping season.

But this is a community blog.  Click “Comments” to weigh in on the date, the regulations, and anything else dog poop-and-pee related.

Pre- or post- peeing and pooping at Compo Beach.

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