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Memorial For Manny

Manny Margolis — the longtime Westporter known for his devotion to civil liberties and underdogs, who died August 17 at 85 — will be remembered this Saturday (October 8), at a pair of special events.

Manny Margolis

Manny’s memory will 1st be honored at the 11 a.m. peace vigil on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Post Road bridge downtown.  He was a longtime participant, dating back to the Vietnam vigil days at the old Town Hall.

At 11:30 a.m., the group will walk from the bridge to the Westport Library’s McManus Room.  There, anyone who wishes to can speak about Manny.

Margolis family friend Sonny Fox — the veteran TV personality — will run the event.

There will be plenty of memories — but no food.  Saturday is Yom Kippur, a traditional Jewish fast day.

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