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Just a week ago today, Hurricane Irene pelted us with wind, rain and storm surges.  Nearly every Sunday event in Westport was canceled.

But Green’s Farms Congregational Church — which turned 300 years old this year, and in 3 centuries has never missed a service — kept that incredible record intact.

Green's Farms Congregational Church

At the height of the storm, the faithful — though fewer than usual — populated the choirloft and held prayer books.  It was just like any other  Sunday, since decades before the United States was born.

But parishioners from 1711 —  even 2001 — may not have recognized every aspect of the service.  Minister Dan England preached from his laptop, while congregants shared smartphones to read their pieces and prayers (from notifications they’d received the day before).

Green’s Farms Church adapted to the times.  The colonial met the technological.  And it will be ever thus, no doubt through Sundays in at least the year 2311.

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