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The other day, I walked into a local store.

Without prompting, the owner said:  “People are happy.”

That evening, walking at the beach, I met a Westport couple.  Out of the blue the woman said:  “Isn’t life good?  I feel so happy.”

What’s behind this sudden spasm of good feeling?

Perhaps it really is “out of the blue” — the bright blue skies we enjoyed for several days, along with perfect temperatures and low humidity.

Perhaps  we’ve finally shaken off the “blue” feeling we had throughout the long, snowy winter, followed by a cold, wet spring.

Sure, storm clouds loom.  The economy remains rough, and next month we could see a monetary crisis that dwarfs anything America has ever faced.

But for now, for many of us, summer in Westport is good.  The weather is nice (except for today).  The beach and Sound are beautiful, and there are tons of things to do in and around town.

We’re happy.  No need to over-analyze it.  Let’s leave it at that.

Have a great weekend!

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