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Spring Into Wakeman Town Farm

With the arrival of spring — hey, that’s what the calendar says — Wakeman Town Farm has organized a series of get-your-fingernails-dirty workshops on gardening and sustainable living.

Anyone can farm at Wakeman.

On Saturdays (10 a.m.-noon) from now through September, Westporters can learn about every stage of the growing process — from seed to harvest — with the farmer-friendly folks at WTF (134 Cross Highway).  Resident farmer/teacher Mike Aitkenhead heads the program.

Among the more intriguing topics:

Last weekend, participants got down and dirty — literally.  They talked about soil, took samples for testing, and built a raised garden bed.

All programs are free, but with space limitations advance registration is required.

For more information on each session, click here.  To register, email (indicate which sessions you’d like to attend).  For a blog about the workshops by a participant, click here.

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