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Mural, Mural On The Wall

Mural painting has gotten a bad rap at Staples.  In comments on “06880” education-related posts, an art department course by that name became shorthand for frivolousness and wasted resources.

The semester-long course is over, and the results are in.

A professional-looking mural now enlivens the World Language Department wing.  In lively colors and eye-catching vistas, it portrays the various cultures underlying the many languages studied in the high school.

Developing the mural was not easy.  Students researched history and architecture, studied perspective, and delved into the chemistry of paint — all before beginning their 1st sketch.

Along the way they learned many lessons — including, but not limited to, teamwork and art.

One of the major criticisms of the new Staples building is that its long halls and institutional walls resemble (depending on your point of view) an office building, airline terminal, factory, hospital or prison.

The mural class plans to change that.  In semesters to come they hope to transform the music, science, math, English and social studies wings into warm, attractive places worthy of the students and teachers who spend every day there.

They might also spruce up the athletic department’s walls.  If they truly want a challenge, they might even attack the cavernous Staples fieldhouse.

Though da Vinci himself might have fled from that task.

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