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Finding Bald Mountain

As a lifelong Westporter, I thought I knew every place in town.

I’ve never heard of Bald Mountain — but Google Maps has.

Alert “06880” reader Scott Smith spotted the elusive mountain — not far from the Saugatuck River shore, just across Imperial Avenue near Baker Avenue.  It’s now part of the Gault housing development (Google Maps puts it smack at the end of Wheeler Gate, which is not actually a gate but a road).  Presumably back in the day it was a true mountain (or at least more than a molehill).

“Perhaps it was used by ship and barge captains as a navigational aid long ago,” Scott says.

“But just think of the mental picture it gives non-Westporters when they see this big, mysterious ‘Bald Mountain’ situated between downtown and Saugatuck.  Who knew?”

Google Maps knew.

Then again, they know everything.

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