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In Honor Of Phyllis

In 2006 Phyllis Steinbrecher — revered college consultant, involved citizen and long-time cancer survivor — founded the Breast Cancer Emergency Aid Foundation.

Like its founder, BCEAF is unique.

Unlike many outstanding organizations that conduct research to find a cure, Phyllis’s group focuses on individual people.  The fund addresses the immediate, staggering financial consequences that result from a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Suddenly, some women can’t afford food for their children.  They can’t pay their bills.  Unable to work during treatment, some even lack medical insurance.

BCEAF offsets some of the expenses other human services charities might not consider.  For the past 4 years it has offered grants for expenses such as rent, utilities, specialty bras, babysitting and transportation to doctors’ appointments.

By easing some of the burdens that accompany breast cancer, BCEAF enables patients to focus on the more important challenge of getting well.

Nurses and social workers at over 20 hospitals and cancer centers in the Northeast refer patients with financial needs to BCEAF.  A grant committee reviews requests, with evaluations based on need and the availability of funds.  Grants are paid directly to the provider, not the patient.

Phyllis Steinbrecher

So far, over 400 women (and men) have been helped by BCEAF.  With the economy in rough shape, they hope to expand their reach even further this year.

Organizers hold no social events.  They appeal directly to the public — families that have been touched by cancer before, those who simply want to help, and Phyllis’ many friends.

Phyllis lost her long battle with cancer a year ago this month.  In her honor BCEAF is making this appeal, now.

It’s as special and important now as Phyllis Steinbrecher always was.

(For more information, or to make a gift, click on  The address is PO Box 616, Westport, CT 06881; the email address is, and the phone number is 203-505-5796.)

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