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Killing Trees

“06880” reader Mary McGee wonders:

What’s with these phone books that get dumped a few times a year at our mailboxes?  I haven’t asked for them and I rarely, if ever, use them.  All the information I need can be found on the web.

This week, I picked up a book that numbered around 900 pages.  Two weeks ago, there were 3 or so books of that same heft dumped by my mailbox.

What is particularly irksome is that there are 5 mailboxes at the end of my driveway.  Apparently, my neighbors don’t use these tomes either because they pile up in front of my house until I get annoyed enough to take them all to the dump.

I understand that older folks, like my mother, use those books.  Wouldn’t it be better if they were allowed to request them, which would spare the majority of us from this litter?

I know, I know.  I sound like a cranky old lady.  Maybe it’s too early in the day and I haven’t had enough coffee yet.

Mary is not the only “06880” reader fuming over phone books.  Here’s an email I received 2 days after Mary’s:

We have just received our 7th phone book in a week.

The first one I took directly to the paper recycling bin, and put the plastic bag into its recycling bag.

I can’t remember when anyone in my family used a paper phone book rather than their mobile phone or computer to look up a number or search for a vendor.  I do appreciate that not everyone is as wired, but no one needs as many as we receive.

Three days later 3 books arrived, subdivided in some logic  left over from another era when one would put the yellow pages in a different place than the white pages.

Days later, in what I am sure was an error, the triumvirate of books reappeared.  The delivery was very thorough, even leaving a bags of books at an empty Compo Beach Road lot near a “for sale” sign.

I wonder if the RTM could discuss limiting the number of companies that distribute these books to every home in town.  Of course, I hope they would not limit my NY Times bag cover which arrives each day.

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