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Everything New Is Old Again

Radio station 96.7 The Coast set up its mobile unit in front of the Verizon store in Compo Shopping Center today.

That’s fine.  I have no problem with them handing out promotional items and blocking the sidewalk, so long as the landlord doesn’t.

I am concerned, however, that the station insists on calling itself “The NEW 96.7 The Coast.”

They’re not new.  They’ve been The Coast for several years now.  They play the same songs over and over again.  And those songs are hardly “Fairfield County’s Greatest Hits.”

96.7 is not “NEW.”  The iPad is new.  The Coast is not an Apple Lisa, but it’s getting there.

I asked one of the promotionettes why 96.7 still insists on calling itself “NEW.”

“That’s a good question,” she said.  “I ask myself why a lot!”

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