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No Exit

It’s taken me a long time to figure out what’s wrong with this sign, at the Westport Arts Center parking lot on Riverside Avenue.

Finally, I got it.  And it’s not 1 problem — it’s 3.

  1. “Exit” is underlined — but it’s the wrong word.  Underlining emphasizes a word — but the word that should be emphasized is not, not “exit.”  Underlining “exit” makes drivers who look quickly think it is the exit.
  2. All the words are the same size.  Who will even bother to read this?  It needs a good graphic to grab drivers’ attention — a “stop” hand, a red slash, an exclamation point, maybe something bold and italicized!
  3. What’s with the quotation marks around “danger”?  It looks almost mocking — this is “dangerous,” ho ho.  All sign makers should be required to take a course in design.  And punctuation.
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