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Read All Day

Last year, Nina Sankovitch read a book a day.  For a full year.

You would think that after such a project she would take a much-earned rest, curling up with, say, a few good episodes of “Jersey Shore.”

You would think wrong.

The environmental lawyer spends her time maintaining Read All Day, the website that began with her reviews of those 365 books she read.

Nina Sankovitch will read anywhere.

The site now contains over 400 reviews in a wide range of categories:  novels, memoirs, mysteries, short stories, teens, tennis (!), love and sex, and sorrow (interesting that those 2 categories are listed next to each other).

You can browse by authors or book title, and sign up for email alerts.

Nina has cut back from 1 review a day, to only 2-3 a week.  She also links to articles on books that she puts on Huffington Post.

She is amazed that readers around the world have found her site — and contacted her with comments and book recommendations.  She is having “global conversations about books” — and loving it.

In all her spare time, Nina is writing a book about her book-a-day year — why she did it, and how she leads a life of reading for comfort, pleasure, knowledge and thrills.

On Feb. 12, Nina is the star attraction at the Westport Library’s “Booklover’s Bash.”  She’ll drink wine, eat cheese and talk about books with other bibliophiles.

“Read All Day”‘s tagline is:  “Great Good Comes From Reading Great Books.”

Great good comes from Nina Sankovitch, too.

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