And You Thought Nothing Exciting Ever Happened In Westport!

You can’t really say “Stop the presses!” with a blog, but the Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce seemed to want that response last week.

On Friday, they invited members ($20) and non-members ($25) to a special event at Rizzuto’s Restaurant.  There was food and drink (boldface courtesy of the Chamber press release) — but wait!  There’s more!

The purpose was — be still, my heart! — to unveil the Chamber’s new logo (boldface courtesy of me).

“By creating a new signature emblem,” the Chamber burbled, it “seeks to solidify its stance as a progressive, ever-evolving organization that is committed to tailoring itself to fit the needs of its member businesses and surrounding communities.”

Yes!  Read on!

The goal of the new logo is “to update and contemporize the brandmark, while keeping the integrity of the ‘W.'”

Whew!  I was so worried that the new logo would have no integrity whatsoever.  There is a god.

But enough talk.  Here, in all its glory, is the new Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce logo!

Is that cool or what?

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