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TAG — You’re It

It seems like an odd request.  But the idea behind it is rock solid.

TAG — Staples’ Teen Awareness Group — is seeking students and adults with personal drunk driving stories.  They’ll be interviewed for a drunk driving documentary, to be shown to the entire student body at TAG’s annual Grim Reaper Day.

If this year’s video is anything like TAG’s 1st 3, it will be 1 of the most powerful days of school Staples students will ever have.

If you — or someone you know — has been impacted by a drunk driving incident, contact TAG advisors Chris Lemone (203-341-1285; or Elaine Daignault (203-341-1165;

As the group’s tagline says:  “TAG.  You’re it.  Your life.  Your decision.”

TAG works tirelessly to stop drunk driving.

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