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Merritt Merits Monument Monitoring

It’s not often you hear “Machu Picchu,” “Bhutan monastery” and “Merritt Parkway” in the same sentence, but all 3 sites are among the most endangered in the world.

That’s what the World Monuments Fund says, anyway, and they should know.

Their biennial World Monuments Watch report lists 93 sites in 47 countries.  Nine are in the US (including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin in Wisconsin); 15 are from the 20th century.

You may never get to the gingerbread houses of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, or the desert castles of ancient Khorezm, Uzbekistan.

But a few minutes away — right here at Exit 41 and 42 — you can see one of the most endangered places on the planet.

Better hurry!

The Merritt Parkway -- see it before it disappears!

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