Housing Hope

It takes more than a heap o’ livin’ to make a house a home.

In the case of the Westport Rotary Centennial House — the supportive housing initiative in Saugatuck that welcomes its 1st tenants this weekend (4 single adults and 2 single parents, each with a child — all formerly homeless) — it takes dedicated, passionate and generous Westporters, working individually and in groups.

Westport's Rotary Centennial House

According to Peter Powell, president/CEO of the House’s sponsor, Homes With Hope (formerly the Interfaith Housing Association), the Centennial House became a home thanks to:

Up next:  more affordable supportive housing.  This fall Homes With Hope will open 10 apartments at a building owned by another non-profit.  Next year, 9 apartments open at Hales Court.  And HWH is seeking a lease on property to develop 12 more units.

Powell is adamant in his commitment to end homelessness, through permanent supportive housing.  With the help of many others, more houses will truly become Westport homes.

Rotarians, builders, realtors, and town and Homes With Hope officials cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. (Photo by Denise McLaughlin)

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