Main Street Memories

Last week I got a sneak peek at a new Westport Historical Society project: “Main Street Memories.”

A creative map, interactive web link, brochure and gallery exhibit will make the town’s mom-and-pop days come alive again.  Westporters who remember Welch’s Hardware, Greenberg’s Department Store, Gristede’s, Country Gal, the Townley Restaurant and the Melody House can ooh and aah over those long-lost spots; those who know only the Gap, Banana Republic and Talbots can laugh, cry, sigh or otherwise emote.

As part of the preview, I saw a map of Main Street in 1959.  Here’s a breakdown, from the Post Road (nee State Street) to Avery Place:

My own, very unscientific survey — some stores, frankly, mystify me, even after I’ve examined the goods — shows, 50 years later:

Ah, progress.

Not long ago, this map appeared on Crespaces.com. It's already out of date.

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