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De End For DeRosa’s?

DeRosa’s Restaurant — and Riverside Barber next door — are preparing to close.

The redevelopment of Saugatuck — which includes the demolition of their block — is months away.  But with leases up, the popular restaurant and the barber shop where Saugatuck “mayor” Lou Santella once ruled — will soon be mere memories.

A proposed retail/residential complex promises to inject new life into an old neighborhood.  In the meantime, those vacant storefronts — coupled with the empty Laura Barzante salon across the street, Peter’s Bridge Market nearby, and the abandoned Conte’s across the street — will give Saugatuck the same ghostly aura that haunts the Shaw’s/Curran Cadillac stretch of the Post Road just 2 miles north.

You can see balloons by DeRosa's -- and a demolition notice above the entrance to Riverside Barber Shop.

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