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A River Runs Through Us

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Gone are the days when the Saugatuck River pulsed with commerce.  These days, it’s hard even to find fishermen along the banks.

But — as rowers know — the Saugatuck helps define Westport.  “A River Runs Through Us” — Tom Kretsch’s new photo exhibit at the Westport Library — reminds us that as much as we think of ourselves as a beach community, we are also a river town.

Tom, a retired teacher, is also a self-taught photographer.  Like any good artist, he wanders into nooks and crannies of life the rest of us never notice.  Like the Saugatuck River, those visions are there all along — but it takes Tom’s eye to bring them into our head.

Tom’s photos cover all 4 seasons, every time of day, and an infinite variety of light and image.  After seeing them, you’ll never see the Saugatuck the same way again.

(Tom Kretsch’s website is

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