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Lieutenant-less In Westport

Where have all the lieutenants gone?

To retirement — at least in the Westport Police Department.

All 5 lieutenants — Thomas Casimiro, Gordon Hiltz, David Kassay, Leonard Rummo and Richard Sloat — took advantage of the town’s retirement incentive.  The one with the least seniority had 31 years.  Westport police officers max out at 32.5 years, so most — if not all — probably planned to leave soon anyway.

But that leaves the Westport force — at least momentarily — with no lieutenants.

“We’ve lost a lot of talent and institutional knowledge,” admits Police Chief Al Fiore.

Yet he sees a silver lining in the loss of those badges.

“There’s an opportunity for new people to step up.  We’ve got a lot of bright men and women here, and they’ve got fresh ideas as they begin their careers as leaders.”

The department promotes from within.  Sergeants take the lieutenants’ test, while any officer with at least 5 years’ experience can take the sergeants’ exam.

This afternoon, Fiore announced that Sam Arciola and Fotios Koskinas — both Westport natives — will be promoted from sergeant to captain.  That takes “some of the presure” off current deputy chiefs Gary Golas and Dale Call, Fiore says.

Soon, the new command structure will have 1 chief, 1 deputy chief, 2 captains and 4 lieutenants.

In the meantime, don’t let the lack of lieutenants throw you.  As always, the Westport Police Department is on the case.

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