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The Show Goes On — Staples Players’ 50th

Friday night’s 50th anniversary celebration of Staples Players was spectacular — but it was just a curtain-raiser for Sunday’s affair.

Over 200 Players alumni — actors, dancers, singers, tech crew and more — will gather at 5:30 p.m. in the auditorium for a truly legendary evening.  Included in the cast:  several Broadway veterans (and 2 Tony Award nominees).

A few seats are still available.  Click on for details.

Recent graduates Britt Hennemuth and Megan Watt emcee Players' special 50th anniversary show. (Photo by Kerry Long)

Film director Adam Marcus and his brother, Broadway veteran Kipp Marcus, welcome 200 fellow Players alums at the 50th gala. (Photo by Kerry Long)

Kevin Watt and Max Stampa-Brown reprise a classic show at the Players' 50th anniversary. (Photo by Kerry Long)

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