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All About Image?

Knoyzz — a Post Road women’s clothing store — has been replaced by All About Image.  It’s — ta da! — a women’s clothing store.

The newest addition to our retail landscape features hardwood floors, stainless steel counters and racks, and funky lighting.  Its focus, says owner Nick De Baptista, is on “today’s hottest designs and great accessories.”  The target shopper is age 20 and up.

Nick has worked around here, but this is the first store he’s owned.  He likes the highly visible location, across from the post office near Main Street.

Yet it must be asked:  How is his store different from Knoyzz?  And in this economy…

“We’re priced well,” he says.  “Even with the times we’re in, people can treat themselves to something to wear on Saturday night.”

And what about the name?  Hasn’t one of the lessons of this recession been that it’s not all about image — that authenticity and value count too?

“Image is a big thing,” Nick counters. “Everyone wants to look their best.  That’s what it’s all about.”

Yesterday was the store’s 1st day.  “Everybody who walks through the door loves what they see,” Nick says proudly.

Time will tell if Westport is indeed All About Image.  Or if our newest women’s clothing store is just more Knoyzz.

Westport welcomes another women's clothing store!

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