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Building Castles For A Cause

A man’s home is his castle.  This afternoon, the Interfaith Housing Association hosted an event to help ensure that more Westport men and women have castles — or at least homes — of their own.

“Castles in the Sand” drew hundreds of people of all ages to Compo Beach.  Working in groups of 5 to 20, they purchased over 30 “building lots,” at $100 and $300 per plot.  The proceeds went to the IHA.  The sand stayed there — or was tracked home.

Joe D'Anna poses with his serpent. It ate a duck -- though in Westport, a Canada goose might be more welcome.

Randy Williamson works on the Terex Corporation entry. Why an octopus? "No idea," he said. "I just showed up."

Robin Myers puts the finishing touches on a Sphinx. "There were kids working too, when we can find 'em," he reported. Among those kids: Egyptian-born Ramez Crump.

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